Jun 3, 2015

THROW BACK POST ---- New England Metal & Hardcore Festival at The Palladium, Worcester, MA. 4/17-18/09

It's only my second year going to The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, but I am already feeling a tradition starting form. It's one of those festivals where you just can not help but have a good time.  So, even though it poured, the streets were covered in hippies from the Dead concert right next door and I was forced to pass out on the worlds hardest hotel room floors two nights in a row, it was still fun.  Some pluses included the fact that the beer was relatively cheap (I'm used to this 7 buck b.s. in NYC), the lineup had its select winners, the people were friendly (from the cheap-ish beer) and the pit was consistently active from start to finish.  The hippies even managed to keep the smell of patchouli from wafting over.

Here's a rundown of the days events.  I arrived Friday in time to catch the first band of the day that I really wanted to see, Toxic Holocaust.  I had to miss Thursday's events which included a screening of Anvil! The Story of Anvil and a live performance from the trio themselves.  I really wanted to catch that after hearing all the hype around this movie and being an actual owner of Anvils self titled cd. Word amongst those there was that the movie was awesome, but the bands performance was a little lost on the 300 or so in attendance.

Friday, April 17:
Toxic Holocaust: I just saw these guys open for Napalm Death and was craving more. They didn't disappoint. Opened up on the main stage with "Wild Dogs" and ripped out solid Venom-style thrash. Only these guys are actually good. And I'm a Venom fan.
Coliseum: The first band of the day I caught on the second stage. The crowd was small but into it, and the sound quality wasn't perfect. Still, I'm glad I caught the band- pretty crafty southern style metal with a bit a punk thrown in for shits and giggles.
Whitechapel: These guys sound like any other death metal band on the albums, but live they had the crowd shitting bricks. Considering they packed the main stage floor & pit pretty early on in the day showed they must be doing something right.
The Haunted: I was looking forward to seeing these guys. Peter Dolving is a great front man to watch live. Too bad he was more active than the crowd. Still, it was an intense performance and the vocals sounded dead on.
Cattle Decapitation: They are what they are. I wouldn't recommend buying their albums, but I would recommend seeing them live just to witness the most consistently screeching and piercing vocalist around. Is is possible to sound annoying as hell and entertaining at the same time? I think yes.
The Acacia Strain: Eh, didn't love it. The midget singer from Between The Buried And Me came out and sang for a bit. Despite the stage being decked out with massive polar bear and Pillsbury doughboy photos, the actual set was pretty dull. Typical deathcore. I gotta point out that they got the crowd to do 'the wall of death' and it was one of the most intense ones I've seen in person. It made me thankful I was drinking my beer with the old farts in the back.

Napalm Death: Grindcore legends that packed the main floor. Watching Barney Greenway is fun, but not watching bassist Shane Embury is impossible. No surprises here.

Suffocation: I'd never seen this seminal death metal band and I was hoping for more. A little bland on the music end, but Frank Mullen's banter was entertaining as hell. The night starts to get a little foggy here, but I am pretty sure he invited the crowd to a BBQ "to eat some potato salad and get your fucking faces smashed in." What a cutie.

Between The Buried And Me: Why did everyone love this? Despite the crowd reaction I found the music to be boring. It wasn't the keyboards, gong or clean vocals (more than half the time) that bothered me, it was the songs.

All That Remains: These guys played Natalie Portman SNL rap song before coming on, which was funny, but the actual set was a little boring. It seemed like a lot of people left, although the main floor area was packed with people singing along. Not too much of a pit going on which was a bit surprising for a metalcore band. Typical stuff, not very memorable. Apparently these guys have played every Metal Fest and this was their first year headlining. Hopefully the last, too.
I headed out after the show to try and rub elbows with Brian Slagel (the man likes his jager) and a few other metal powerhouses at the neighboring pub. Lots of drinking and metal on the jukebox. Festivals like this are always good for a fun after-party drinkfest. To sum up the day in music, I think the headliners didn't carry the weight of a lot of the earlier bands. Highlights of the day were Toxic Holocaust, Cattle Decapitation and the Haunted.
Saturday, April 18:

Woke up sleeping on the world's hardest hotel floor in the management of Children of Bodom's room with my friend... Last nights events still questionable. I remember raising my hand in pride and screaming "metal fist!" with a bunch of hooligans, but from there on is a bit of mystery.

Century: Per suggestion of the Bodom management team I got to Metal fest in time to catch these guys. Hardcore music. A little dull for so early on in the day and it didn't manage to perk me up too much.

Book of Black Earth: Really doomy black metal sounding stuff. Didn't know much about these guys before the festival and I will definitely check them out more.

Austrian Death Machine: Fun. With one singer wearing a Reagan mask and the other being Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying these guys played a set that was right up the alley of their tagline "Total. Brutal." The even brought out a guy in an Arnold mask to represent the Austrian death machine himself. Not the most innovative stuff, but a fun show to watch.

Terror: Straight up hardcore. The moment they took to the side stage people from the crowd began to climb up and leap off again. The act got a little relentless for me, but then again I was hear for metal and was getting over all the ____core bands by this point.

Municipal Waste: Party/thrash/punk... whatever you want to call it, MW are fun and know how to get the crowd going. It's impossible to watch these guys without wanting to get drunk and laugh. This show was particularly hilarious as the entire band must have gone shopping at the hippie convention next door & came out affixed in tie dye shirt and whatever the hell else the hippie uniform is. They kept up the peace & love shtick in between songs the entire set and ended with Tony Foresta belting out "Municipal Waste is Gonna Fuck You Up" atop the right speaker with pants around his ankles.

God Forbid: Good.solid.metal. It was certainly refreshing to have these guys up on stage after the lack of metal bands throughout the day and they kicked everyone in the ass. Guitarist, Dallas Coyle was out, but Kris Norris (dude from Darkest Hour) filled in nicely.

Children Of Bodom: I love these guys on the albums but they are good, not great, live. Not much movement went on onstage but musically they nailed it. Alexi chatted up the crowd and got a few chuckles. Since they were really the only power-metal-ish band, it was a needed fix.

As I Lay Dying: My roommate, and partner in crime for the weekend, loves this band, but I was never really huge on them. This show won me over. Front man Tim Lambesis was much better than he was with Austrian Death Machine (no surprise here, since this is his *real* band), and whoever their guitarist is absolutely killed live. I was left impressed.

Lamb of God: Bar a few folks who "only like hardcore and underground shit", everyone here was excited as all hell to see Lamb Of God close off the festivities. The boys went on 30 minutes late to a blinding light that dimmed down leaving Randy, the Adler brothers and co. up on stage for all to get off on. And did we ever! The second the first note was played everyone went ape-shit. Clearly one of the biggest metal bands of now, it was the perfect headlining act. Unlike the night before where people left the venue early, everyone (no matter how wasted) stuck around and sang along. Despite going on late, they still played the promised 75 minute set. The three song encore included "Contractor" (heaviest song on Wrath) and left everyone exhausted but wanting more.

Post-metal festival there isn't much to do but go on drinking and keep the party going. After effectively kicking all the hippies out of the local bar through a barrage of Slayer songs, me and the gang headed to the Children of Bodom bus where we downed vodka and cheered as the Lamb of God men made brief appearances. Apologies to Alexi & company for drinking their booze and passing out (I hope I wasn't drooling) on their couch, and thanks to their managers for allowing us their hotel room floor one more night.
Toxic HolocaustThe Haunted

Napalm DeathNapalm Death
Municipal Waste
Municipal Waste
All That Remains
Lamb Of GodLamb Of God
Lamb Of God
God Forbid
God Forbid
Crowd ShotChildren Of Bodom
Children Of Bodom
Children Of Bodom
Cattle Decapitation
Between The Buried And Me
Between The Buried And Me
Austrian Death PunchAustrian Death Punch
All That Remains

Jun 1, 2015

Four Revamped Metal Classics That Rule

Normally, when I go on YouTube, I look at people doing dumb stuff. Videos of folks doing cringeworthy stuff seems to be my favorite in recent weeks. Like, have you seen this tool rage about how he’s better than everyone else because he wears a fedora?
He seems almost as bearable to hang out with as the dudes in Nuclear Hellfrost. (HAHAHA!!)

On my internet tirades, I find some cool stuff, too. I’m floored by the creativity people put into some of these projects, especially when songs are retooled.

Here are a few of the ones that made me do the opposite of cringe.

Blue Grass Cover of Iron Maiden

Cross-genre cover songs overwhelmingly fail as good songs. They are different, sometimes catchy, but that doesn’t mean they are good. These guys, Steve’n’Seagulls, really do justice to the songs they cover. This cover of Iron Maiden’s classic “The Trooper” totally wails.

8-Bit Version of Megadeth’s Rust in Peace
I couldn’t help but laugh at how awesome this is. Imagine how much work this took to put together! Listening to it made me want to find an arcade and kick some kids’ pubeless asses on Rock n’ Roll Racing, Raiden Fighters 2, Tekken 2, and Time Crisis 2. Man, I could totally ruin some kid’s day on Tekken.

Sludge Slayer
Holy. Shit. Apparently when you slow down the rpm to 33 when listening to Reign in Blood, it turns into a Xibalba-esque venture into disgusting sludge metal.

…And Justice For All Properly Remastered
Want to know how the [actually] epic Metallica album would have sounded if Hetfield and Ulrich weren’t cauldrons of cock warts? Feast your ears on this independently remastered version of some of the songs on the album. The guitars sound beefy and full, the bass is not only existent, but seriously drives the songs. Drums aren’t as clicky, either, which is nice.

May 14, 2015

Rammstein- there is a fine line between clever and stupid

Ok, it's official.   Rammstein are trying too hard.  I thought they were before, but now I am certain of it.  Their upcoming album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da comes in a box set with 6 dildos.  The fact that these are not vibrators and are just straight up plastic molds already makes them useless, but to add insult to injury, they are actually numbered and labeled to match the appropriate band member.  Ha!  The 5th one in seems to be the wiener winner.

Dec 1, 2014

Worlds AIDS Day and it's effect on rock

Today is World AIDs Day, which is basically to raise awareness for getting tested.   So- go get tested.  Normally I would make some tasteless joke right about now, but I actually don't find AIDs very funny at all.  Odd, since I'm pretty comfortable with rape jokes.
Coincidentally enough, Ray Gillen died on Dec. 1st.  He had a short stint in Black Sabbath in the 80s, but if you want to check out the good stuff listen to him singing with Badlands.  (Solid band that featured post-Ozzy Jake E. Lee and pre-KISS Eric Singer)

Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

This gem was created by Youtube Hall Of Famer "Slayer Bob".  Enjoy!  (or skip to 2 minutes in for the good stuff).

I wonder what his neighbors think.  I know I am in love with the man who created this.

Dec 8, 2013

9 Years Ago Today....

Also RIP to Razzle (Hanoi Rocks) and John Lennon (that guy from The Beatles).

Oct 19, 2013

New Sabbath (+ Ozzy - Ward) live video released...

A bit boring <sarcasm> and those vocals are not overdubbed in the least </sarcasm> , but I am still happy to see the Ozzman cometh back with Iommer and Butler.  Would love to have seen this with Bill Ward, but 'll take what I can get.

Oct 3, 2013

New music from Sahg! Featuring an uncanny Mastodon-esque sound.

SAHG have currently released and are now streaming their brand new song and video - "Slip Off the Edge of The Universe".

The songs comes off Sahg’s brand new album “Delusons of Grandeur”, which will be released on October 28.   Has an eerily similiar vibe to Mastodon, no?   ....and I consider that a good thing for song.  I like the direction I see the album going here.

From Indie Recordings:
"Delusions Of Grandeur" is a concept record about a person, whose delusions of grandeur escalate to the level where they consume him completely," explains SAHG's Olav Iversen (vocals, guitar). "From becoming increasingly psychopathic and dominant, he loses touch with everyone around him and isolates into his own imaginary, psychotic world, where he becomes the almighty ruler of the universe. As he stands on the highest peak of his domain and beholds all that he has conquered, he suddenly slips off the edge and floats away, weightless. Helpless and stripped of all power, he drifts further into the open space, until he disappears into the darkness. It's an album about how desire for power and property can distort and destroy who we are."

Mar 6, 2013

Iron Maiden + harps + blonde chicks

I am not sure whether to clap and shout how awesome this, or just start cracking up.  Hot blonde twins, Camille and Kennerly, both play the electric harp and both are fans of metal.   When you put this combo together, you get a pretty great cover of Iron Maiden's "Fear Of The Dark" via harp duo.   Check this out:

Jan 28, 2013

NY Area Concert Listings

Shit.  I am way overdue for a concert update, so there are a TON of shows that have been added.  Some highlights include: Cradle of Filth, Marduk and Sully Erna.


-1/28 - Johnny Winter w/ Jamie McLean Band @ BB Kings (Manhattan)
-1/30 - The Used w/ We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and Mindflow @ Best Buy Theater (Manhattan)
-1/31 - For Today w/ Memphis May Fire @ Irving Plaza (Manhattan)
-1/31 - Gin Blossoms (why am I posting this?) @ BB Kings (Manhattan)
-1/31 - Eye Empire @ Ollies Point (Amityville, Long Island)


-2/1- Discipline @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-2/2 - Kansas @ The Paramount (Huntington, Long Island)
-2/2- Brutal Bitches presents Visceral Discorge, Abonormality, Short Bus Pileup, and Animals Killing People @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-2/4 - Dora w/ Sister Sin @ BB Kings (Manhattan)
-2/6 -Turisas w/ Firewind and Stolen Babies @ The Gramercy (Manhattan)
-2/6 - Uli Jon Roth @ Stage 48 (Manhattan)
-2/6 - Swans @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
-2/7 - Swans w/ Devendra Banhart @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
-2/7 - Blackberry Smoke w/ Drake White @ Irving Plaza (Manhattan)
-2/8 - Gojira w/ Devin Townsend , The Atlas Moth , Devin Townsend Project @ Irving Plaza (Manhattan)
-2/10 - Yob, Hull, and Bezoar @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-2/11 - Yob, Batillus, and Sea Of Bones @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-2/11 - Emmure and Whitechapel w/ Unearth, Obey The Brave, and The Plot In You @ Irving Plaza (Manhattan)
-2/12 - Dead Kennedys @ The Gramercy (Manhattan)
-2/14 - Testament (this is a wonderful Valentines Day gift to me *hint hint*) w/ Flotsam & Jetsam, and 4Arm @ Best Buy Theater (Manhattan)
-2/15 - Testament and Overkill w/ Flotsam & Jetsam, and 4arm @ The Paramount (Huntington, Long Island)
-2/15- The Casualties, Agitator, and Sad Boys @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-2/17 - Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus, and the Contortionist @ Ollies Point (Amityville, Long Island)
-2/22 - Emilie Autumn @ The Gramercy (Manhattan)
-2/22 - Dope w/ The May 4th Massacre, Starke, Kore Rozzik, and Xombiew @ The Studio at Webster Hall (Manhattan)
-2/22 - Cockney Rejects w/ Youth Brigade, Murphy's Law, and The Templairs @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
-2/22 - Enslaved w/ Pallbearer, and Ancient VVisdom @ The Bowery Ballroom (Manhattan)
-2/23 - Marduk w/ Moonspell [Early show, doors at 5:30]The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-2/23 - Lil Monsters Heavy Metal Disco w. Lady Starlight & The Dirty Pearls [Late show, doors at 11:00]The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-2/27 - Flyleaf and Drowning Pool @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY)


-3/1 - Howl w/ Samothrace and Pilgram @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-3/2 - Krallice Sacristy, and Imperial Triumphant @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-3/2 - Torsche @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-3/6 - Deftones @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY)
-3/6 - Today Is The Day, KEN Mode, Black Tusk and Fight Amp @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-3/6 -Dita Von Teese "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" Variety Show @ The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-3/7 - Dita Von Teese "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" Variety Show @ The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-3/8 - Dita Von Teese "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" Variety Show@ The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-3/8 - Today Is The Day w/ Black Tusk, KEN Mode and Fight Amp @ The Studio at Webster Hall (Manhattan)
-3/9 - White Widow w/ Heartless @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-3/9 - Dita Von Teese "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" Variety Show @ The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-3/10 - Nile w/ Winter Nights, and Dark Empire @ BB Kings (Manhattan)
-3/10 - Queensryche w/ Magus Beast and What The Hell @ The Emporium (Patchougue, Long Island)
-3/12 - Dropkick Murphys @ Terminal 5 (Manhattan)
-3/13 - Dropkick Murphys @ Terminal 5 (Manhattan)
-3/14 - Soulfly w/ Incite and Lady Kong @ The Gramercy Theater (Manhattan)
-3/15 - Soilwork w/ Blackguard , Jeff Loomis , The Browning , Wretched @ The Gramercy (Manhattan)
-3/15 - Devourment @ The Place Bar and Lounge (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-3/16 - Coheed & Cambria @ Radio City Music Hall (Manhattan)
-3/16 - Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction, Psychic Limb @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-3/17 - George Theorgood & The Destroyers @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY)
-3/20 - As I Lay Dying and The Devil Wears Prada @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY
-3/21 - Aaron Lewis (of Staind)The Paramount (Huntington, NY)
-3/21 - KMFDM @ Irving Plaza (Manhattan)
-3/23 - Y&T @ Stage 48 (Manhattan)
-3/23 - Sully Erna (of Godsmack)The Paramount (Huntington, NY)
-3/24 - Author & Punisher w/ A Life Once Lost @ The Acheron (Brooklyn)
-3/26 - Bad Religion @ Terminal 5 (Manhattan)
-3/38 - Cradle Of Filth, The Faceless, Decapitated and Agnostic @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY)
-3/29 - Wayne Hancock [None More Country show]Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)
-3/30 - Incantation, EVOKEN, Derketa, and Rellik @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)


-4/4 - Robin Zander (of Cheap Trick) w/ Randy Jackson (of Zebra) @ BB Kings (Manhattan)
-4/5 - Kix @ Ollies Point (Amityville, Long Island)
-4/6 - Yes @ The Beacon Theater (Manhattan)
-4/9 - Volbeat w/ Danko James @ Best Buy Theater (Manhattan)
-4/10 - Absu @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-4/11 - Absu @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
-4/15 - Muse @ Madison Square Garden (Manhattan)
-4/16 - Muse @ Madison Square Garden (Manhattan)
-4/17 - Sevendust w/ Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil and Stolen Babies
-4/19 - Muse @ Madison Square Garden (Manhattan) @ Best Buy Theater (Manhattan)
-4/20 - Black Breath w/ White Widows and Mutilation Rites @ Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)
-4/29 - Goatwhore, 3 Inches Of Blood, Revocation and Ramming Speed @ Saint Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



-6/17 - Paul Di'Anno (rescheduled show) @ BB Kings (Manhattan)

Jan 25, 2013

Some Quotes from last night's Roast Of Dee Snider

The title says it all- here are some of the best quotes from Dee Snider's Rock N Roll Roast:

Dee Snider: "Jim Norton's career is going so poorly, he's opening for my son, Shane."
Eddie Trunk: "You can feel Twisted Sister's love for Dee by their complete lack of attendance tonight."
Eddie Trunk: "Dee, you're in great shape. Maybe from running from your good career choices."
Zakk Wylde on Mark Metcalf: "His voicemail just says, 'Yes, I'm available. BEEP.'"
Zakk Wylde on Shane Snider: "Man, those are some big gay shoes to fill."
Craig Gass on Zakk Wylde: "Zakk, Sons of Anarchy called. They want you back at the clubhouse."
Lita Ford to Dee Snider: "I hope menopause hasn't affected your singing voice."
Alice Cooper (via video) to Sinder: "Congratulations on your regionally successful music career."
Jim Florentine: "I thought Scott Ian came to my house, but it was a garden gnome."
Jim Norton: "You can tell Lita is a Ford because no one has wanted to get inside her since the early '80s."
Penn Jilette: "Lita Ford is one of the best female guitarists. That's kind of like being the world's tallest jockey."

Jan 24, 2013

Dee Snider's Roast live tonight!!

So it's that time of year for another "Rock & Roll Roast", and this time's victim is none other than Long Islander, Dee Snider.  The roast takes place TONIGHT at the Grove in Anaheim, California.

The Twisted Sister frontman, and this year's venerable Roast honoree, was recently named one of the 100 greatest living rock stars by Revolver magazine.   .......I would like to add that he might only be in the top 100 living rock legends, but he is definitely in the top 3 for living rock legend with the best hair.

The event, which is sponsored by Epiphone and Monster Energy Drink, is one of the highlights of the 2013 Winter NAMM weekend.  However, unlike the NAMM Show, the Roast is open to the public, and it will air live on AXS TV at 9 p.m. PST (Midnight for us folks in NY, and those other states that surround NY).

Roastmaster Penn Jillette and other luminaries such as last year’s Roast honoree Zakk Wylde, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Lita Ford, WWE legend Mick Foley (also a Long Islander!) and That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk, plus comedy and roast veterans Jim Norton, Craig Gass, Jim Florentine and others will take aim at the singer and reality-TV icon, best known for his outspoken personality, golden locks and appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice.  Jose Mangin (of Sirius/XM and Headbanger’s Ball fame) will be on hand to serve as the evening’s DJ.

Says Snider: "Roasters, remember: P.A.M.F. Payback’s A Mutha F**ker!”

Says Rock & Roll Roast Executive Producer Josh Bernstein: “They say you only roast the ones you love, but with Dee Snider, we’ll be making an exception.”

A portion of the proceeds will benefit MusiCares, a nonprofit organization of The Recording Academy that provides emergency financial assistance and addiction recovery resources to music people in need.

Jan 23, 2013

Dave Navarro Shows His Tender Side

Dave Navarro loves his makeup - but not as the price of injecting bunny rabbits eyeballs with harmful chemicals.   In all seriousness, animal testing is unnecessary and there are a tons of companies that don't test on animals AT ALL. NEVER.  ZILCH.  So check out this little behind the scene's video of Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro speaking out on the importance of knowing what products you are buying.   Way to go, Dave!  You just went up a few notches in my book.

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